Inland Marine Insurance
What is Inland Marine insurance?
Inland marine insurance is the type of insurance coverage you get to protect your business against goods related losses incurred during transit.Whether you are a business that sends off merchandise to customers or any kind of maintenance or installation services due to which your employees travel with your equipment.

Your goods and equipment keep your business going and make a significant part of your business assets. If you fail to get thorough coverage for losses during transit, you might have to pay more dearly than you expect. For instance, sending off expensive machinery on an overland journey without proper tools and equipment coverage can result in crippling losses.

Inland marine insurance gives you cover against such losses and enables you to offer value added services to your customers without fear of paying for frequent equipment loss. This type of insurance was initially designed to cover marine goods transit but now generally covers overland transportation as well.
Who needs an Inland Marine insurance policy?
Inland marine insurance is sought by businesses that deal with transportation of expensive equipment. Generally, such businesses are contractors and construction companies who have to frequently transport expensive, high-risk equipment and machinery from one site to another often across the country.

However, our nationwide network of insurance carriers provides comprehensive commercial equipment insurance to all kinds of businesses whose business related tools are usually transported to various locations.

Historically, such businesses have included the following:
  • Construction companies
  • Art dealers
  • Computer equipment manufacturers and suppliers
  • Landscaping services providers
How Inland Marine insurance works
Inland marine insurance provides you cover against theft, vandalism, loss, or other kinds of damages to your equipment while it is in transit. Whether the equipment is being transported inland by road or over the sea in a boat, your inland marine insurance policy will cover any loss to your property during the journey.

As an independent insurance agency operating in the industry for over 35 years, we have helped countless big and small businesses retain comprehensive goods transportation insurance for affordable premiums. We offer tailored insurance solutions that specifically address your industry-related and business-specific risks.
What does Inland Marine insurance cover?
The best thing about getting proper inland marine insurance coverage is how it enables you to prevent financial losses from something you have to do every day.For some businesses, avoiding transportation of goods and equipment is impossible, and all these businesses need thorough cover for loss or damage to goods in transit.

As a commercial inland marine insurance agency, we provide our customers the coverage their business needs demand for equipment in transit. Working with our country-wide network of insurance carriers, we provide our customers a wide range of options to include proper endorsements in their transportable goods insurance coverage.
Typical areas of Inland Marine insurance coverage
With focus on providing our customers comprehensive insurance policies for loss of equipment in transit, we have a list of covers that you can add to your tailored inland marine insurance policy. These include the following:
  • Bailee's customer coverage, which allows you to get coverage for any goods that you have in custody but they belong to a customer. Any losses during transportation of these goods will be covered by your insurer.
  • Specialized property in transit, such as computer systems being delivered to a client, can be included in your inland marine insurance policy's covers. When you get commercial computer equipment coverage, you will get cover for all kinds of computers, including laptops and servers.
  • Coverage for art works when they are on display in your gallery or in transit to or from the premises to any destination can also be added in an inland marine insurance policy.
  • You can also get thorough coverage for leased or rented equipment and tools that you are sending off to a third party or owner.
  • Contractor's equipment coverage is a must for businesses in the trade of offering installation and/or maintenance of machinery or their equipment on lease. Whether you send off these tools via a courier or accompanied by your technical staff, you can have their losses covered in your policy.
You can also get cover from losses to cargo that you deliver to customers as part of your services. For a business that specializes in cargo services, such as a freight forwarding company, such coverage results in protection against crippling losses.

To get more information about what your insurance policies should look like, contact one of our agents right now.