Liquor Liability
What is Liquor Liability insurance?
Liquor liability insurance provides your business cover from any damages caused by a customer after using alcoholic products you manufactured or sold.

Alcohol consumption is a common part of our society's norm. It is used in all kinds of social gatherings as a way of celebrating the occasion. However, for a business involved in manufacturing or selling alcohol, this norm is a cause of exposure to financial risks.

When an inebriated customer of your alcohol products causes damage to property or harms another person, is caught driving under influence, or endures bodily injury from a fall due to intoxication, among a long list of other possible damages, you could be included in a lawsuit as a defendant.

These lawsuits could demand lofty sums in damages, and, including the high costs of acquiring legal services, a single claim could have devastating effects on a small business involved in selling or manufacturing alcohol.
Who needs a Liquor Liability insurance policy?
The fact is you can never guarantee the actions of your products' consumers and, thus, you should not ignore getting a comprehensive liquor liability insurance policy through a reliable liquor liability insurance agency.

Any business that manufactures, sells, or serves alcoholic beverages should get proper liquor liability insurance coverage. This is simply due to the fact that you have no control over the actions of your customers or consumers of your products, but you can be held accountable for the same in no less than 43 states in America. As such, if you own or manage a business that falls in any of the three categories, getting liquor liability insurance should be a priority for you.Any business involved in manufacturing, selling or serving of alcohol without this type of insurance is at a huge risk.
Liquor Liability insurance coverage
Liquor liability insurance coverage is sought by all kinds of businesses involved in the trade of alcohol because it allows them to get due protection against any claims for which they are held liable. Getting thorough cover for liquor liability insurance will protect them against such claims as well as for any legal expenses they have to endure during the proceedings of such lawsuits in a court of law.
What does Liquor Liability insurance cover?
Understanding liquor liability insurance coverage is a matter of some basic knowledge about how the law works in the United States in this regard. As a commercial insurance agency that has helped countless small and big businesses get proper cover for liquor liability insurance, we are well-versed in this branch of insurance - and many others.

Getting liquor liability insurance coverage is a necessity for you if your business is involved in the manufacturing, sales, or serving of alcoholic beverages. This type of coverage is needed because the law in most states of the country hold the manufacturer and seller liable for the actions of inebriated consumers. Whereas it might sound unfair for your business to be taken to court for the actions of a person who consumed your product, you can take measures to protect against such damages.

With comprehensive liquor liability insurance coverage, you can get protection from not only the damages the petitioner of the lawsuit seeks but also the significant legal expenses the whole exercise may result in. For both these types of expenses, you can count on your insurance carrier to cover you.
Typical areas of Liquor Liability insurance coverage
As mentioned above, liquor liability insurance coverage includes two key areas:
  • Damages to be paid as part of the penalties in a given lawsuit involving liquor liability, and
  • Legal expenses, including court expenses and legal services fees.
When you are sued by a party for the injurious actions of a consumer of your product, you will need to involve your insurance carrier who will take care of the expenditures involved. To be able to have a carrier that writes you a comprehensive insurance policy, you need to work with a trusted insurance agency with years of experience in this branch of insurance services. At Ficke Insurance, we have been serving businesses in the alcohol industry get proper coverage for the past 35 years. We have a strong network of nationwide insurance carriers that we use to get our clients authentic policies and reliable coverage.

This kind of coverage could be taken by any business involved in the manufacturing, serving, or sales of alcohol. This could make a long list, thanks to the highly common consumption of alcoholic beverages in our society, including bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, motels, inns, wineries, and many others. If you own any such business, get liquor liability coverage immediately.

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